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10-10-10-3 Offers the Lowest International Calling Rates and the Best Customer Care

10-10-10-3 offers cheap long distance calling rates for customers on a casual calling basis, without having to switch phone carriers or needing to use a calling card.
For the lowest long distance rates for calls within North America and overseas international calls from Montreal Canada, just dial 10-10-10-3 first, before the regular phone number. 10-10-10-3 has amazingly cheap calling rates, as low as 1.9 cents a minute to many international destinations worldwide.

Simply dial 10 10 10 3 prior to dialing the number

By simply dialing 10-10-10-3 before the phone number, customers will see big savings on all their long distance and international telephone calls made from a residential landline. The calls will then appear on their local carrier’s monthly invoice, with no need to sign a contract or enroll in an expensive long distance plan.

10-10-10-3’s customer care specialists ensure the most efficient, highest quality service and total customer satisfaction. With a proactive focus on first call resolution, 10-10-10-3 customer care specialists are professionally trained to help with any questions customers may have, by calling 1-866-650-0103.

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