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No Contract Needed for Cheap International Calls with 10-10-10-3

There is no contract, no credit check, no commitment, no expensive long distance calling plan, no calling card and no need to prepay for services in order to save money on international calls; just dial 10-10-10-3 before the number you are calling, for cheap calling rates to many international destinations all over the world.
10-10-10-3 is easy to remember and easy to use. As a special thank you, enjoy the first 5 minutes of your first call FREE, using 1010103 to call any of our worldwide international destinations that are just 1.9 cents per minute!

Save lots of Money on your long distance and international telephone calls!

To reach North America or the Caribbean from your residential landline in Canada, just dial 1010103 + 1 + the area code or country code + the phone number. From Canada to other international destinations, simply enter 1010103 + 011 + the country code + the city code + the phone number. Use the country code finder on our website at if you don’t know the code for the country you are calling.

Your cheap 10-10-10-3 international calls will appear on the regular monthly invoice from your local phone carrier. All you need to do is dial 10-10-10-3 first to save lots of money on your long distance and international telephone calls!

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